Calling All Spartan Racers, Tough Mudders and Warrior Dashers!

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Calling All Spartan Racers, Tough Mudders and Warrior Dashers! Introducing the Reebok Customizable All-Terrain Super for Men and Women!

If you’re going to demand a race that throws anything at you, you’re going to need your equipment to do the same. Now available on YourReebok are the new customizable All-Terrain Super for men and women. Born from the trenches of Spartan Races, the Reebok All-Terrain Super is engineered with more cushioning and stability for longer distance races. They feature strategically placed mesh drainage ports to allow water to drain quickly and easily, lugs that provide 360 degree traction for leverage on slippery surfaces, mid-foot teeth for traction on ropes and walls and an underfoot rock guard that helps protect against hard/sharp objects. Not only versatile in performance, the All-Terrain Super is also customizable, allowing you to make the look your own, much like the race. The Reebok All-Terrain Super for men and women is built to take you through Hell and back. The question is now… are you?

Accepting the Grass Will Always Be Greener

The past 10 years the Hubs and I have always dreamed of where we want to go, live, raise the kids. We’ve never stopped dreaming long enough to make any of it a true reality because well to be honest the whole chasing the greener pastures always seemed to funner than sitting still long enough to fight for what we wanted. Honestly that really hurts to say that. That we’ve always kept chasing even though we knew we had to find a stopping point.


I truly believe being in the military encourages the dream chasing. More often than not you are constantly moving from duty station to duty stations. You’re exposed to different ways of life, areas, communities. You see so much that you can find parts that you like and then you put all the little likes together to build your dream area. Only to know that there is no ultimate dream place. It’s just in your head. Read More…