Fitness Fridays: Finding Healthier Ways to Relieve Stress

This week I decided to step out of my 3 day WOD routine and kick it up an extra notch. Mainly because I’ve been feeling a lot of pent up frustrations and just needed a healthy release. So I pulled out the good ole trusty TurboFire and Insanity ones. I’ve also been adding more stretching into my day.

It’s funny how when I start to do a couple simple yoga stretches when I look up, there is always a little one next to me copying my moves. I love it. Makes me smile so big to see they are taking an interest. It also is just another reminder of how they also take on our bad habits as well. I wish getting rid of the nasty habits was as easy as taking on the good ones. I guess with time and practice they’ll fade away but the first step is learning to let go of them. Not cling to them as a security blanket afraid to face who you might be without them.

And on another note, I’m FINALLY starting to see a little more definition in my biceps. *happydanceinmychair*


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