Finding my morning peace

Monday Morning

When I was younger I hated the mornings. Hated the sunrise that would peek through the blinds blinding me. Hated the buzzing noise from the dreaded alarm clock. Tip toeing through the bedroom in the dark on other mornings to find my clothes to start the day. The morning quietness vs the witching hour’s lack of noise used to leave something to be desired but not from me.

And then it happened. Birthdays’ went by, more kids were added to the mix, a shift in balance within took place. I learned something. No matter what anyone says, there is a difference. When you stay up well after your family goes to bed the sounds in the house are a relief. It’s a settling calming feeling. Almost as if the house is thanking you for putting everyone to bed and giving it a rest. A much desired rest after enduring children yelling, running, laughing, crying. Adults moving about opening and closing doors. Dogs moving about leaving a trail of fur behind.

The morning quiet thought is so incredibly different. It’s almost a sound of eagerness. Awaiting for the chaos to kick back in. Teasing you as to which one will wake up first. Anxiousness as you move about hoping that the beep from your coffee maker won’t awake anyone as you try to steal just a couple of minutes of peace to gather your thoughts. The sunrise is welcoming, another reminder that no matter how bad things may be you are awake, alive, breathing. You are getting to see the peace in your environment. All the things that still need to be done in the house; more laundry, counters, the fur that didn’t get swept along the baseboards, etc. It’s a time to take inventory on your blessings, your life, your soul.

As I’m getting older and awake at 0500 for work now, I’m finding the morning joys. Even with the lack of sleep as I curse the day in the bathroom while brushing my teeth, by the time I come down stairs my perception has changed. I pull the cords on the blinds, staring out on the neighborhood still in peace. No speeding cars thinking if they go an extra 10 they’ll beat a couple lights. No teens hollering at each other as they trudge to school. No dogs being walked barking hello to each other.

Nope just pure calmness and beauty.

What do you prefer? Mornings? Nights? Maybe the middle of the afternoon before kids come home from school?

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    • Chelle says

      When the kids go to bed we usually split rooms. He gets to play video games and I get to watch trash reality lol Only way to get our fixes without the kids seeing. Since we both work from home though we’re together literally 24/7 except for 2 days for about 4 hrs each day apart.

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