Simply SoapBerry Laundry Detergent: Review & Giveaway – {CLOSED}

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Ever since we started cloth diapering our children, we’ve well scratch that as it’s more like I have always kept my eyes out on a more natural laundry detergent. Helps too that the hubs and our son SySy have extreme eczema to deter me from wanting to just grab a jug of Tide no matter how much I love its’ scent.

Simply Soapberries Laundry

Simply SoapBerry Laundry Detergent

For the past couple of months I gave up using a well known earth friendly detergent that was gouging our wallet for a homemade recipe that was rocking my socks! And then I was introduced to Simply SoapBerry.

Simply SoapBerry is made from wait for it… Soapberries! Mind blowing, huh? What I really love is that they are harvested directly from the Himalayan Mountains and were never touched by pesticides, treated fertilizer, and other miscellaneous chemicals that are normally used. Instead they are organic, pure and sustainable!

The other set of ingredients are Non-GMO and that is honestly nice to know. That the company is making the educated decision to say NO to GMO while the rest of major brands keep on pushing it.
Simply SoapBerry
Other added benefits: While the bottle may be small it still packs a punch. Each 32 oz bottle can provide approximately 128 loads. Depending on how often you do laundry and the size of your family one bottle can last an awfully long time. Got allergies or sensitive skin? Don’t worry; both regular and the baby formula are hypoallergenic. Their formula is HE friendly and you don’t need to use any fabric softener.

My Opinion: To be honest the color of the detergent threw me off at first. Just another sign that I have “brand filters” and preconditioned to see clear, blue, hints of yellow. But I still pumped 2 times into the washer, left out the vinegar and started the loaded. End result I was very pleasantly surprised when I pulled them out to toss in the dryer. Smelt great, no super smooth feeling from too much fabric softener, and when the load dried they smelt nice. Nothing too over powering, fruity or anything like that; just simply clean.

I also tested Simply SoapBerries out on a load of cloth diapers. Again I was impressed. The diapers came out clean, smelling decent, had a little bit of softness to my fitters and prefolds. Repel you ask? Nope didn’t have a problem absorbing little guys output. Worried about buildup? I am not, I believe that you can get buildup with any type of detergent.

Interested in getting your very own 32oz bottle of Simply SoapBerry?

Submit your entries for a chance to win one.

Giveaway ends midnight on 7/25.

Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter.


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