4 tips to having more fun at home

This August is “Admit You’re Happy Month” and what better way to be happy than to have fun? Are you having as much fun at home as you think you should be? If not, change that! Having fun in the comfort of your own space, with the people you love the most, is easy and a great way to de-stress. Plus, studies have shown that people who stress less and have more fun are healthier people. Here are four simple ways to have fun right now at home.

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Turn up the music

When was the last time you turned up the dance music, or that song you can’t help but sing, and let it all out? Dance, sing at the top of your lungs, or just groove along. Whatever you do, turn up that music loud and have fun cleaning, paying bills, writing a grocery list, or cooking dinner. Music instantly makes me people happy and makes any mundane chore much more fun.

Get creative

You’ve been wanting a new piece of art or throw pillow for a while, but can’t seem to find the right one. Instead of thinking about it once in a while, make it happen. Paint that picture or sew that pillow just the way you want it. Then, every time you look at it you can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, which will boost your spirits. Besides, being creative is fun!


When was the last time you played? No, really played? Have you taken out those video games, or a board game, this week? Do it! Kids know how to have fun, and kids play every day. Take a hint from them and do the same. You can play tag with your kids, wrestle with your spouse, or just play a game of Solitaire on your phone. Whatever you decide, have fun and play!

Get to laughing

Read that funny meme out loud so everyone can laugh, watch a comedy, or just revel in silliness with your kids. Laughter promotes dopamine production, which makes people happier. Happiness makes people want to have more fun, which leads to more laughter. It’s a cycle that doesn’t end! So laugh every day for a kick start to having fun at home.

Don’t think about it. Just do it. Enjoy your day, enjoy those around you, and most importantly… SMILE!!

How do have fun at home?
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    We love turning up the music at our house. Well, at our old house, that was bigger and didn’t sound like we were going to go deaf. With our old yard and near friends, the boys were always outside on the trampoline or playing sports in our big yard, etc. We have to find some new ways to have fun in the new place. Maybe a Nerf gun war tonight!
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