Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Vacuum – The Animals Approve

Disclaimer: We received this product from the Dyson for review purposes only. All thoughts and options are 100% my own.


This family goes through vacuums at an incredibly alarming rate. I must admit that we expect a lot from our vacuüm and push it to it’s limits at times. How much can one expect from a vacuüm when it’s trying to keep up with the children, the dogs, rabbit, and chickens? Sadly, after a couple of months with our last one, it slowly started to loose suction ability, the brush needed to be cleaned every couple of days due to hair getting tangled in it. The wand had become lose and stretched out, the cord retractor started tangling the cord, and the filter took forever to dry. Over the years I have always coveted Dyson because of it’s great claims and praises from friends, so you can only imagine the excitement when we were asked to share the Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum with you available at BestBuy.com. [Read More…]

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